About Dr. Rick Marks

Dr. Richard and Louella Marks believe in marriage and family and have devoted their lives to ensuring for themselves a strong and healthy marriage.  Both having been raised in divorced and broken homes, they began their lives together in love, yet with wounds that needed healing.  Their faith in Christ and following His Truths has helped them over the years build a loving, healthy home.  Though not perfect, the essence of Marriage for Life, Inc. and its programs and teachings, come from their personal journey of pain, growth, insights, and healing.  They have raised 3 children who are all wonderful and a blessing.
Rick holds a PhD in Counseling and Psychology as well as two Master of Arts degrees: one in Marriage and Family Counseling and the other in Religious Education. He also earned a B.A. in Psychology.  Dr. Marks is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAFMT).  In addition, Dr. Marks is an ordained minister.  Louella has been a homemaker and home school teacher.  She is active as a Sunday School teacher and is an encourager and supporter for the Marriage for Life initiative.
Rick has been the Executive Director of Marriage for Life, Inc. since 2004 and has been offering relationship and marriage programs such as marriage coaching/mentoring, premarital education, family programs, HOPE Weekends for distressed marriages, and speaking around the country and in Canada and the Bahamas.  In the past Rick has worked for the PAIRS Foundation, a 28,000 member church running their family ministry and counseling center, private practice, Regent University as an Assistant Professor, as well as proudly served 12 years with the U.S. Navy.  Rick has been seen on television and radio shows such as COPE, Life Perspectives, 700 Club and local shows in the Jacksonville, FL area.

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